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ALOHA FROM Skydive Hawaii!

Turn the Hawaiian skies into your playground with a thrilling skydive over the lush landscape. You'll start your adventure at a height of up to 14,000 feet above the Earth, an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else!

Find out where you can jump locally with a call to our professional booking specialists. Call 1-888-337-3808.

Skydive Hawaii

Skydiving in Tandem

Race through the clouds with the help of a professional skydiver when you choose a tandem skydive through Skydive Hawaii. Give us a call now and book your dive: 1-888-337-3808!

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Skydive Hawaii Skydiving

A.F.F. Course

Learn how to skydive solo with the AFF course. Skydive Hawaii is the best place to go to get quality skydiving training. Schedule your first lesson today. Call 1-888-337-3808!

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Skydive Hawaii Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Why not bring a friend along for your Hawaii skydiving adventure?
Buy gift certificates for that special someone and share the fun.
Call 1-888-337-3808

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Skydive Hawaii

Skydive Hawaii
Skydive Hawaii

Hawaii Skydiving

When you're ready to take that flying leap, give Skydive Hawaii a call. We want to hear from you! Call 1-888-337-3808!
Skydive Hawaii Tandem Skydiving


We guarantee you the best deals for your skydiving adventure!
Skydive Hawaii FAQ


Find out what all the rage is about on our FAQ page or call to book your jump at Skydive Hawaii! We're waiting! 1-888-337-3808
Skydiving in Hawaii

Film the Adventure

Did you know you could have your Hawaii skydiving experience captured on film for all eternity?


Browse our gallery of pics from satisfied customers and then call to book your own Hawaiian Skydiving Adventure. Call 1-888-337-3808 today!
Skydiving Hawaii

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